Welcome To Devanchire Cattery


Welcome to Devanchire

Devanchire is a small cageless CFA cattery with two locations, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Owners of Devanchire are Kimera Hoga and Marlene Keith..  Devanchire has Regional and National winning lines that include: Artemis, Demiara, PaJeans, Beaubell, Fanci FX, Purrinlot, Cattabury, Catillak, Candirand, Co-Bridge, Catley Crue, Purringwood, Prancenpaws, Oakheaven, Furshurr, Stumar, Sandypaws, Vickits, Hankypanky, Lunki-Lins, North Bound, Daalimo, Purrmunn, Ramayana, Fur Pleasure, Jolee, Hadakat, LeChat Paws, Playwickey, Sunval, Karabel, Barmont, Kitty Charm, Marhei, Bolo, Midas, Joleigh, Harwood and more.  We breed Himalayans including Lynx Points.  In Persians we  have Solids, Tabby and Bi-colors.     Marlene will be working with the Bi-Colors, Solids and Tabby, and Kimera will be concentrating on the Himalayans as well as the Tabby and Solids..  We have a small number of each program to work with.  We believe in keeping our numbers very low to insure happy healthy cats.  Our girls live with us in our home and in our bed.  Kittens are handled daily from birth with tender loving care and are raised underfoot as part of our family.  Our goal is to improve the Persian & Himalayan breeds through selective breeding, health care, diet, clean environment and very loving surroundings while we enjoy the playful, loving nature of these fine domestic animals that we call our "kids".  We breed for health, type and temperament.  We guarantee the Genetic Health of all our kittens.  We are FeLV, FIV, Ringworm and Parasite free.  All adults are FeLV FIV & PKD DNA tested and/or are from PKD DNA negative parents.  We have completed all our DNA testing for PKD.   All our kittens are treated like show babies.  They receive their first bath at four to six weeks of age and are blow dried and get their nails trimmed.  They then are groomed every week after.  Because of all this special care we take with our babies, they are very social kittens.  When the kittens leave our home, they have had their age appropriate shots and are litter box trained.  None of our queens are caged, they have full run of the house.  (This is their house, we are just the caretakers that live here).  All babies are born in our room or in the nursery.  Moms and babies are confined at this time for their safety.  (We do not want to hunt for hidden kitties and mom).

We STRIVE for the show standard and our utmost concern is the health and temperament of our kittens.  We generally have kittens in the spring and fall.  Our queens only have one to two litters a year.  I feel this is important for both mom and babies to ensure we have very healthy babies.  Whether you are looking for a pet, breeder or show baby, we will do everything we can to answer any and all of your questions.  If you are interested in showing and breeding I would be very happy to answer newcomer's questions anytime.  I would like nothing more than to help the newcomer get started in this most rewarding of hobbies.  Before you purchase your first show or breeding kitten, please get the advise of a CFA mentor. 

Devanchire is NOT a pet shop and we reserve the right to place our kitties where we see fit.  Adoptive parents are carefully screened as we want the very best for our babies.  Devanchire Cattery reserves the right to refuse to sell to any person or persons for any reason.  All monies paid are non-refundable.  By sending a deposit payment for available kitten(s) or cat(s) it is understood that you accept the terms of the contract and any monies paid are non-refundable, so please make sure you are commited before you send payment.   Occasionally retired adults who have been neutered or spayed are available for adoption.

Once a Devanchire cat is placed in a home, that home becomes part of the Devanchire's extended family.  Devanchire "parents" are encouraged to call anytime for advice or questions about their kitty.  Cats may be brought back for a lesson in cat bathing and grooming.  YES!, they should be bathed every couple weeks. 

You can contact Kimera at (810) 655-0005 or Cell# (248) 302-0129 or by email: devanchire@hotmail.com

You can contact Marlene at (814) 479-3224 or Cell# (814) 248-5003 or by email at: keithcuties@yahoo.com

We are members of: The Atlantic Himalayan Club and Board Members of Mid-Michigan Cat Fanciers Association.  You will also see my husband Ed in the show hall.  He clerks for the judges and is very active in the fancy as well. 

                                    Marlene and Myself at the 2009 Regional Award Banquet


Devanchire has decided to partnership with Marlene Keith and work together as one cattery.  Keith-Cuties will no longer be an active cattery, she will now be part of Devanchire.  We will be maintaining the name of Devanchire Cattery and its high standards.  We have decided to do this in order to keep our numbers at each location to an absolute minimum number.  


To date our CFA awards:

  • 1 National Win Championship Division
  • 1 National Breed Win
  • 1 Regional Win in the Kitten Division
  •  3 Regional Wins in the Championship Division
  • 2 National Color Win
  • 6 Regional Breed Wins
  •  3 Regional Best of Breed Wins
  • 5 Regional Color Wins
  •  4 Regional Best of Color Wins
  • 9 Grand Champions
  • We are a DNA PKD tested cattery

    We are a closed Cattery and do not offer Stud service




                                                                   Our Bowzer & Our Grand Dog The Lazy Paizli Pug on kitty patrol